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  • Components & Vehicle Systems Produce attractive components and reliable systems with the efficiency automotive suppliers need.
  • The speed at which politics, society, technology-drivers and consumers are forcing the industry to transform is unbelievable.
  • Meanwhile, per capita GDP was weakening due to slowing economic growth.

When it comes to industry standards, best practices and tools, no one can bring the expertise that AIAG does. We bring together industry leaders from OEMs and Suppliers in the areas of Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility to develop the tools that make the entire automotive supply chain more efficient. Check out all of the products AIAG and our industry volunteers have developed below. They want leaner, greener, and safer vehicles — and they want them now. Get ahead of the competition by leveraging e-mobility expertise and creative engineering to build trusted, problem-solving solutions, reduce development costs and speed to market with ease.

Of consumers say cost and convenience are more important than brand in an autonomous, mobility-as-a-service paradigm. See GKN Automotive’s system integration expertise and software control capabilities in action at the company’s winter test facilities in northern Sweden. Serving Californians through effective regulation of the automotive repair and Smog Check industry. Cadillac cars were disassembled, the parts were mixed together, 89 parts were removed at random and replaced from dealer’s stock, and the cars were reassembled and driven 800 km without trouble. Stanley brothers in the United States, however, continued to manufacture steam automobiles until the early 1920s.

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Daimler AG and BYD Auto have a joint venture called Denza, both companies hold a 50-50% stake. Dongfeng Motor and Nissan have a 50-50% joint venture called Dongfeng Motor Company. Chery and Israel Corporation has a joint venture called Qoros, both companies hold a 50-50% stake. Changan Automobile and Ford have a 50-50% joint venture called Changan Ford.

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SAE International is the leader in connecting and educating mobility professionals to enable safe, clean, and accessible mobility solutions. 76% of automotive organizations consider it important to predict an asset failure, determine the cause, and recommend the best maintenance plan – but only 18% are able to do so. 15% reduction in manufacturing costs when the status and usage of operational machinery and tools are tracked in real time. Learn how automotive organizations are incorporating next-generation sustainability into their overall business with insights from SAP and Oxford Economics. Enable next-generation automotive processes through an open and intelligent industry network. Auto OEMs are bringing new car sharing options to the shared mobility and e-hailing market – driving sustainability and better value.

Our design, quality, reliability, packaging and PPAP tools help you go from concept to design to production faster. Increase the range of electric vehicles without incurring cost and additional battery weight. ESI Automotive has developed a unique Quality Performance System called QPS that tackles the challenges for high-performance automotive coatings. OEM’s can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide. We supply and develop QPS standards that meet and exceed OEM specifications.

The automaker designed e-TNGA so that EVs could be produced on the same assembly line with petrol cars and hybrids. Based on the assumption it would need to sell about 3.5 million EVs a year, or roughly one-third of its current global volume, by 2030 to stay competitive, this made sense. Toyota is reportedly looking at rebooting its electric vehicle strategy in a bid to become more competitive in the new field. The Japanese automaker, which was slow to enter the segment, has apparently halted some work on existing EV projects as it looks to revamp its approach, Reuters reports. Looking to advance your career, meet an industry requirement or learn a new skill?