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Schuler opens Göppingen service centre for its own and third-party presses

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With 19.3 million units manufactured in 2012, China almost doubled the U.S. production of 10.3 million units, while Japan was in third place with 9.9 million units. From over to 2012 , the number of automobile models in the U.S. has grown exponentially. By taking advantage of our measurement and control technologies, we are able to be a one-stop provider for walk-throughs and solution proposals for design, manufacture, adjustment, and maintenance .

  • As such, from a macroeconomic and monetary perspective there is a good context in Indonesia, one that should encourage rising car sales in the years ahead.
  • The new powertrains demand a higher safety against electric malfunctions, which can cause the risk of an electric shock, the occurrence of electric arcs, and other potential sources of ignition.
  • By examining their investments and tactics, organizations that are new to cloud computing can develop effective pathways to improve their maturity and fuel ways to redefine their business models.
  • Training and Teaching Others — Identifying the educational needs of others, developing formal educational or training programs or classes, and teaching or instructing others.
  • The minimum down payment for commercial vehicles remained at 20 percent.

By the numbers, Friday saw 21,015 visitors at SIC, with 53,937 attending the qualifying sessions on Saturday, and a crowd of 88,615 in the stands on Sunday. Shafriman also said retail ticket sales were only about 20% of the total, the majority taken up by corporate purchases. Setting the Chinese brand apart in a crowded market there is a six-year or 150,000 km warranty, plus a 10-year or one million km engine warranty, a similar stunt used by Chery in South Africa. Pricing and further specifications for the bZ3 will be announced closer to the EV’s market launch scheduled to take place sometime in November after the a public debut at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show. Further down, the rear bumper gets severely recessed creases that point upwards and wrap around the number plate recess, joined by a large black panel that smoothens airflow.

Proven as a production hub of excellence, the Turkish automotive industry is now aiming at improving its R&D, design, and branding capabilities. As of 2022, 191 R&D and design centers belonging to automotive manufacturers and suppliers are operational in Türkiye. Learn how BASF is changing the automotive industry with sustainable products, solutions and technologies that add value to our partners and the planet.

Find evaluation boards, leverage libraries to develop your own applications, and learn how to become a Xilinx automotive IP partner. We provide mission-critical security throughout the lifecycle of our products including anti-tampering, secure boot, encryption, and authentication – all upgradeable even after being deployed in production. Our device qualification process goes beyond AEC-Q100 to ensure our products consistently meet or exceed customer expectations for performance. Providing solutions for advanced display technologies, driver monitoring systems, and in-cabin monitoring systems.

The MPV is known as “the people carrier” because this vehicle is bigger and taller than other cars . Indonesians enjoy taking trips with the family (and/or invite some friends) and therefore a big car is required. Moreover, these subsidized fuel price reforms also caused accelerated inflation due to second-round effects (hence curbing Indonesians’ purchasing power further) as prices of various products rose due to higher transportation costs. Meanwhile, per capita GDP was weakening due to slowing economic growth.

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With expertise spanning Autonomous, Connected, Digital Cockpit, Electric, System Testing and Validation, User Experience, Automotive Software Platforms, and Automotive Advisory, we’re your turnkey future-ready software solution team. Automakers are facing increased competition from disruptors and as a result, they’re redesigning organizations, shifting their strategies to digital-first, and competing for software engineering talent. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. As digitization and other trends take hold, automakers are adopting new business models and strategies. But many organizations don’t account for how these changes will affect the shape and composition of their workforce. To learn more about the challenges facing auto and energy companies, read our new Whitepaper.

Atos believes that this will lead to a customer service centric business model. The evolution towards an electric mobility is creating a paradigm shift for the automotive and energy sectors. In the future, we will see countless new business models that combine profitability and sustainability — going far beyond the sale of vehicles, electricity and batteries. Massive change occurs inside the factory and the supply chain, as ever-more advanced data analytics, virtualized computing models and robotics in the automotive industry gain momentum.


We offer a variety of evening and weekend courses to support your ongoing growth. The Automotive Business School of Canada was built and is actively supportedbythe automotive industry,forthe automotive industry. Auto OEMs and Dealers are searching ways to enhance service experience with minimized capex deployment. With the advancement in Industry 4.0 and IoT, the industry is looking forward to the future of connected and autonomous vehicles.

The administration also announced the launch of the American Battery Materials Initiative, a new effort to secure the supply of critical minerals used for power, electricity, and EVs. The Governors Highway Safety Association and General Motors have awarded $30,000 to each of seven State Highway Safety Offices that have submitted innovative initiatives to change the public mindset and make distracted driving unacceptable. With support for multi-user VR collaboration, participants can grab and manipulate objects from anywhere in the world, helping everyone make design changes in context. Store all of your digital reference models in one place, so as you work through rapid virtual prototyping, collaborative design reviews, HMI testing, ergonomic studies, and configurators, everything is seconds away. Get the latest news, find out about upcoming events, and see who’s innovating with Unreal Engine today. The world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences.

In the meantime, the automaker has suspended work on some of the 30 EV projects announced last December. Take a course or program online instead as an alternative to in-class. Online courses for a range of subjects are available to part-time and full-time students through OntarioLearn. Explore how individual departments operate and how broader concepts affect the dealership overall. CDA was created to help automotive leaders stay competitive in a demanding Canadian marketplace.