How to choose the Best Tyres for YAMAHA FZ16 / FZ25 / FZS variants?

Yamaha FZ has been a heart-throb of bikers of India since 2008 due to its unique combination of performance, style, and versatility. The Yamaha FZ is designed to deliver a powerful and smooth ride, with features such as a liquid-cooled engine, digital fuel injection, and advanced suspension system. The bike’s bold and aggressive design, lightweight and agile handling makes it capable of reaching high speeds and offers an exciting riding experience for those who are looking for a sporty motorcycle. It’s digital instrument cluster, LED lights, and advanced safety features that add to its appeal.

This is versatile motorcycle can be used for a wide range of applications, from daily commuting to weekend rides. It is designed to handle different types of roads and riding conditions, making it a great choice for riders who are looking for a motorcycle that can handle any terrain.

Compared to other sport bikes in its class, its price tag, availability & affordability of aftermarket spare parts makes Yamaha FZ a popular choice for budget-conscious riders.

The recommended pressure levels for YAMAHA FZ16 / FZ25 / FZS for both single rider as well as double riders are 28 PSI for front wheel & 32 PSI back wheel

Choosing the best tyres for your FZ series is extremely important for its optimum performance, fuel-efficiency and better handling. Here are the list of tyres from TVS Eurogrip the house of bike tyre specialists

List of tyres for YAMAHA FZ16 / FZ25 / FZS :

List Of Front Tyres:

List Of Radial Back Tyres for a high speed performance: