BASF becomes member of Catena-X Automotive Network for secure and cross-company data exchange in the automotive industry

Automotive Center SAINS TECHNO PARK

Synopsys Safety-Aware Solution makes your automotive SoC design and verification highly predictable to achieve target Automotive Safety Integrity Levels with least impact to QoR. NEXUS aims to lead, inspire and educate the Automotive Aftermarket by setting corporate sustainable commitments with the potential for a large scale impact at community level. According to Kelley Blue Book, the growing electrified vehicle segment far outpaces the rest of the industry in Q3 2022, with record sales in the U.S. market. Designers can incorporate everything themselves using HMI widgets and simulators that make it easy to rapidly iterate/explore what a design will actually look like in practice. Quickly and easily convert CAD data from many sources at high fidelity, and then iterate to your heart’s content with Datasmith’s nondestructive re-import feature. Automate optimization processes with Python scripting, and easily create configurators with the Variant Manager and Blueprint visual scripting.

From RoHS to material content to FIT estimates and more, our data download tool gives you a quick and efficient way to gather the environmental, reliability and packaging information that you need. Known for best-in-class engineered chemistry and application knowhow, DuPont was able to quickly provide a solution by modifying existing technology to develop BETAMATE™ 2090 structural adhesive. You want the best training in Quality, Supply Chain, and Corporate Responsibility and AIAG delivers! AIAG training is developed by the same people who write the standards and best practices you want to learn – You get the content the way the industry experts who developed it intended. Training is offered at our Southfield, MI headquarters, and now in a live virtual format!

  • CAR’s leading-edge research impacts the future of the global automotive industry by informing industry leaders and policymakers and facilitating communication across the industry.
  • SAE’s charitable arm is the SAE Foundation, which supports many programs, including A World In Motion® and the Collegiate Design Series.
  • LMC hosts frequent webinars and events in which our team of experts provide insight and analysis.
  • IBM SAP consulting services and solutions can help you cut costs by modernizing applications and optimizing operations.

If you already have cloud ERP – from SAP or any vendor – you can enhance your ERP capabilities with our automotive industry cloud solutions. Our solutions support collaborative supply chain planning; digitalized operations; and smart warehousing, inventory, and logistics, enabling you to proactively sense disruptions, reduce your carbon footprint, deliver ahead of demand, and more. As an independent and accredited EMC service provider we have been the competent partner for our customers for more than 20 years.

As the automotive industry emerges from recession, the new breeds of buyers are more discerning in their decision making process and seek good value for their money. Wipro helped the company establish a technology center in Mexico to facilitate the FY- 21, 22, and 23 planning of the automotive digital software clusters. Participation in the standards development process provides the opportunity to voice your ideas, express concerns and present technologies. SAE’s broad array of technical, historical, and statistical publications are distributed to customers in more than 65 countries annually.

However, sustainability means far more to us than climate protection. In addition to climate and nature, we focus on the dimensions of people and lasting values. This course will be a comprehensive training geared toward automotive trade compliance practitioners & managers.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV: The Future Is Electric

Through its globally-recognized magazines, Automotive Engineering International, Aerospace Engineering, and Off Highway Engineering, SAE informs the mobility community about the latest developments in the field. Product Development Auto manufacturers can differentiate themselves through new technology, but research and development is expensive. Analog Devices’ battery management systems are helping bring renewable energy to areas without electricity. Enabled by SAP technology, we are transforming the battery storage industry, improving customer experiences, and gaining significant competitive advantage. Connected cars and ADAS systems are the future for carmakers, whose buyers will increasingly demand seamless send-and-receive car data. Carmakers, suppliers, and dealerships are under intense pressure to transform their businesses and prepare for the future of mobility.

aicas, AVL, and Citos Join Automotive Grade Linux

The race is on to meet demand for plug-in, hybrid, and fuel cell EVs – boosting EV battery, vehicle, and charging station manufacturing. On this episode of the CAR Podcast, Bernard and Edgar take a look at September sales results and what they bode for the coming year. They also continue the conversation on the Inflation Reduction Act and its implications for investment levels the industry is likely to see. The BSI Kitemark™ for Vehicle Damage Repair is your opportunity to show how serious you are about getting critical vehicle damage repair safety processes right. Manage all aspects of your business with intelligent process automation in Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning.